What is a Hairdresser

A hairdresser is a complexity dedicated to beautifying hair; she bends it, bleaches it, tints it, tones it, washes it, waves it, teases it, combs it. She cuts it, conditions it, curls it, rinses it, shapes it, straightens it, pins it and sprays it – which naturally makes a woman more beautiful.

She’s a pixie Joan of Arc, with sore feet, a Florence Nightingale in a white uniform, with brown fingernails. She’s a business woman, a professional, a mother and a wife. To her customer she’s a psychiatrist, psychologist and psychoanalyst – adviser to the lovelorn, tax consultant, marriage counsellor, fashion co-ordinator and just plain friend.

At one time or another her hair has been red, brown, black, blonde or maybe all these colours at once. She can always squeeze in just one more client, but is constantly ½ hour behind her booking schedule. Her lunch hour is 8 minutes, usually spent discussing new products with her salesman. For lunch she generally has coffee, a cigarette and occasionally a doughnut. She works Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and attends beauty schools on Sundays. In her salon she is a stylist, financial wizard, cleaning woman, stock clerk, receptionist, purchasing agent and very, very tired. Sometimes marriage and a family take her away from her profession but just wait till those children grow up a little, and she is back in the salon, behind her styling chair, doing the things she loves best.


Although she is paid for her services, her greatest reward comes when her customer turns in her chair, caresses her new hairstyle and says – “I LOVE IT.”